World Literature



Catalogue Description

The continued study of libetary forms or genres, exemplified this time by selected literary texts from various countries, written during different historical periods.

The course provides an in-depth study of selected works in World Literature available in definitive English translations as it introduces students to some masterworks from Eastern and Western cultures.  Equally, it analyzes or interprets how the major literary movements from Classicism to Magic Realism are infused or reflected in representative works under study

Philippine Literature                                              3                                              3
       Pre-requisite                                          Hours per week                      Units credit

University Mission

The University emphasizes academic excellence, forms Christian character and motivates commitment for resonsible citizenship and nation building in the community of nations.

The vision of Wesleyan University-Philippines is "unity of piety and learning" in human formation.

General Objectives

At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:
1. Explain the values implied in a story.
2. Compare and contrast the characters in a story.
3. Discuss literary devices such as point of view and symbols used in a story.
4. Draw out the meaning in a poe,.
5. Paraphrase a poem.
6. Describe tone, mood and local color in a poem.
7. Indentify the conflict in a play
8. Classify a play.
9. Explain the relevance today of the theme of a play.
10. Manifest cultural appreciation.
11. Evaluate the characters in a narrative.
12. Internalize the message in a story.
13. Explain how the values learned from a poem will affect the student's life.
14. Share a poem read outside the class and not in the textbook.
15. List words that denote feelings in a poem.

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