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Dear Wesleyan Mass Com Student,

Welcome to the Mass Communication e-Classroom (or electronic Classroom), Wesleyan University-Philippines' first online student resource site designed to complement regular classroom teaching.

This is Internet-assisted learning to help you better understand the Mass Com subjects you're taking under me, at your own pace.

The site is divided into sections covering the subjects I teach for the first and second semesters. The course syllabi and notes/lectures which were previously released to you for photocopying have been posted in those sections for you to download, read and print wherever and whenever you prefer to do so.

I've also included lots of website links that are relevant to your lessons.

Periodically check the "Announcements" section for assignments and deadlines.

Scroll down and start learning through the Internet.



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click on the accompanying

Mass Com 311:
Introduction to Mass Com

Mass Com 313:
Communication Theories

Mass Com Elective:
Development Communication

Mass Com 411:
Advertising Management

Mass Com 412:
Marketing & Mass Com

Mass Com 321:
Advertising Principles

Mass Com 322:
Radio Workshop

Mass Com Elective:

Mass Com 421:
Application of Production

Mass Com 422:
Ethics of the Mass Media

Mass Com 423:
Film Theories

If you have any question:


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