Radio Production Tips

Microphone Technique:

      1) Sensitive and dead areas. Don't touch the mike OR the stand!
      2) Proximity effect. (It's sounds too boomy if you're too close.)
      3) Proper distance for radio acting. (10-18 inches)
      4) Dynamics and distance. (Back off to yell or scream.)
      5) Off mike use for distant sounds or asides. (Step back to convey distance)
      6) Popping “P”s and S-S-S-Sibilance. (Speak over or under, not into the mike)
      7) Mike safety. (No hitting, blowing into, or dropping)
      8) Assume every mike is always ON. (Don't curse in a studio, ever!)
      9) Turn script pages quietly. (Off mike.)

Radio Acting:

      1) Quiet in the studio.
      2) Don't cough, laugh, or talk during production.
      3) Turn your script pages quietly--off to the side.
      4) Watch the director. Wait for your cue. (Q)
      5) Speed equals excitement. Don't bore the audience.
      6) Jump in if there's "dead air."
      7) Wait for director's signal at the end of performance.

Radio Direction “Sign Language”

      1) “Wait.”  Open hand.
      2) “5-4-3---” Finger count down.
      3) “You're on.” Pointing finger.
      4) "Faster"  Rapid finger circling--like dialing a phone sideways. "Come on!"
      5) “Stretch it out.” Pulling taffy.
      6) “Wrap it up.” Finger draws circles.
      7) “Louder.” Pull ear.
      8) “Quieter.” Finger to lip ("Shhhh"-style)
      9) “Cut.” Finger slits throat.
    10) “Come in” or “Back off” microphone.

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