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Mass Com Lab:
A virtual tour

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Mass Com Lab
A virtual tour

Since the Mass Communication Laboratory at the third floor of Manacop Building was opened sometime in 1999, it has been a show window of Wesleyan University-Philippines.

In June this year, the one-room laboratory was expanded to the adjacent classroom.

The windows and doors of Room 302 next door
to the lab have been walled up.

Two tarpaulin banners welcome you
at the lab's main entrance.

The original lab which used to be a classroom
is now a radio production studio used by the 
university radio station, Radio Wesleyan, when
there are no broadcasting classes being held.

What used to be a mock up announcer's booth
has been furnished with professional broadcasting gear and
linked by cable to the main Radio Wesleyan studio
at the fifth floor of the Computer Science Building
and goes on air from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays.

The classroom area is now Radio Wesleyan's 
reception and office area and can be converted
into a conference room or studio for audience
participation programs when necessary.

From the radio production studio, you can
see the newly added television production studio.

As you enter through the sliding glass doors dividing
the two areas...

... you get a mirror view of the layout of the two studios:
the radio announcer's booth at the left, 
and the television master control booth at the right.

The television master control booth is configured
exactly like the one in the original Mass Com Lab...

... with tall shelves for stacking and filing video materials...

... and a counter where video editing equipment are

Remember when you had to attend lectures and take
exams while seated on an armless monobloc chair?
Today, Mass Com students are provided with armchairs
in the new studio that also serves as their classroom.
Hanging from battens at the ceiling are lights
controlled by dimmers and a programmable lighting mixer.

The new studio even has a store room for props and
a toilet that also serves as dressing room.  The
entire facility is kept comfortably cool by two
split airconditioning units.

The original Mass Com Lab as seen from the 
new television production studio.