Volume 16 / No. 9    |  May 15, 2016
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Czarina Umali elected as
Nueva Ecija's first lady governor

Outgoing Third District Rep. Czarina Umali won the Nueva Ecija gubernatorial race and made history by breaking the continuous line of 33 male governors of the province since 1898.

She garnered 532,719 votes, edging out her rival, former Fourth District Rep. Rodolfo Antonino, by over 205,000 votes.

Umali's feat followed three previous unsuccessful attempts by women candidates to become Nueva Ecija governor -- Virgnia Custodio-Perez in 1995, Julia Lorenzo-Villareal ni 2004 and Josefina Manuel-Joson in 2013. ###

Meanwhile, in the vice gubernatorial race, Umalli's running mate, Jose Gay Padiernos, got 623,462 votes against the 224,087 votes obtained by his closest rival, Rayumund Sarmiento.

Elected as Sangguniang Panlalawign members were Rommel Padilla, Rap-rap Villanueva and Belinda Palilio in the First District; Ed Agliam and Mario Ortiz, Second District; Edward Thomas Joson and Jojo Matias, Third District; and Froilan Nagaņo, Jr., Napoleon Interior, Jr. and John Carlo Patiag. Fourth District. ###

Lady candidates win all Ecija congressional seats

Nueva Ecija's four congressional districts will be represented by congresswomen.

Re-electionist Rep. Estrellita Suansing won in the First District, Micaela Violago in the Second District, Rosanna Vergara in the Third District and re-electionist Rep. Magnolia Antonino in the Fourth District.

Suansing won over former Rep. Josie Manuel-Joson; Violago over her brother-in-law, Joselito Viiolago; Vergara, wife of Cabanatuan City Mayor Julius Cesar Veragara, defeated outgoing Governor and former Third Dist. Rep. Aurelio Umali. ###

15 newbie mayors elected

A total of 15 neophyte mayors won in the May 9 local elections in Nueva Ecija.

The new municipal mayors-elect are Gonzalo Moreno of Aliaga, Ricardo Padilla of Bongabon, Ramir Rivera of Cabiao ,Ferdinand Bote of General Tinio, Flor Paguio-Esteban of Cuyapo, Sylvia Austria of Jaen, Alexander Daus of Laur, Eufemia Domingo of Licab, Ronnie Pascual of Llanera, Alex Rommel Romano of Lupao, Victor Badar of Nampicuan, Roberto Agdipa of Pantabangan and Marita Angeles of Santa Rosa.

In the component cities, the first-time mayors are Emerson Pascual of Gapan City and Mario Salvador of San Jose City. ###

Daniel Padilla's dad regains board seat

The father of actor Daniel Padilla has regained his seat in the provincial board.

Rommel Padilla got 149,644 votes, the highest among the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

He was first elected as board member in 2007. He ran for vice-governor in tandem with Edward Thomas Joson in 2010 but lost.

His younger brother, Robin, ran for vice governor in 1995 and also lost.

The Padillas trace their roots to Barangay Nagmisahan, Cuyapo where their mother,
Eva Cariņo, lives. ###

Cabio mayor complains of rival's alleged harassment and vote-buying

The camp of re-electionist Cabiao Mayor Gloria Crespo-Congco complained of alleged harassment and massive vote-buying by her rival on election day.

Congco's group said her rival, Ramil Rivera, was engaged in vote-buying as reported by her legal team in Barangays San Fernando Sur, Sinipit and SanCarlos.

In San Fernando Sur, voters were reportedly given P1,500 each to vote for Rivera and his running-mate, Angel dela Cruz.

Congco said that on the day before the elections, she received a threat by phone. She said she had received similar calls in previous days.

Dela Cruz, when asked to comment on the allegations against him, said the people who crowded the barangay hall were voters who could not find their names in the voters' list. ###

San Leonardo election day shooting recorded

A shooting incident involving the groups of former San Leonardo Mayor Elan Nagaņo and his relartive, Amang Nagaņo, was reported in San Leonado in the early morning of election day.

Members of the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines were conducting street patrols when they received the report.

A group headed by Sr. Supt. Manuel Cornel, provincial police director, immediately went to Barangay Mallorca to investigate the incident.

Two vehicles found in the crime scene bore bullet marks.

A casualty was brought by concerned citizens to Premiere General Hospital in Cabanatuan City.

Initial investigation showed that the two groups had an altercation along the Mallorca barangay road, that resulted in the gun fight.

Coronel said the shooting incident disappointed him after he asked for a peaceful election from all political parties in the province. ###

NBI's help sought on dubious volunteer ID cards

A group of Nueva Ecija residents accompanied by a lawyer filed  a complaint with the National Bureau of Investigation last May 5, claiming that their personal information had been leaked and printed on volunteer ID cards purportedly coming from Governor Aurelio Umali and Third Dist. Rep. Czarina Umali.

Lawyer Junay Vernado asked tdhe NBI Cybercrime Division to investigate how the personal information of thousands of Nueva Ecija residents were obtained and printed on blue and yellow ID cards allegedly being distributed by Umali and his wife.

The complainants presented around 5,100 blue ID cards and 1,300 yellow ID cards.

Verano said the residents are bothered since the information on the ID cards might have come from the data leaked from the Commission on Elections website when it was hacked last March 27.

He said residents were told that if they present their ID cards to the Umalis and claim to be election volunteers, each of them would receive P500. ###

Gen. Tinio election officer relieved

Two days before the May 9 elections, the election officer of General Tinio was removed from her post after a mayoral candidate, former Mayor Isidro Pajarillaga, accused her of alleged partiality in favor of his political rival, incumbent Vice Mayor Ferdinand Bote.

Jovencio Balanquit, acting provincial election officer, said Pajarillaga asked for the immediate relief of Leonicia Ignacio, municipal election assistant, citing various alleged acts that tended to favor Bote.

Pajarillaga said members of the local COMELEC office should be neutral, non-partisan and not beholden to any candidate.

Ignacio was subsequently replaced by Melanie Palon as acting election officer. ###

Houses of candidates' supporters strafed

Unidentified men strafed the houses of two barangay chairs and a supporter of a mayoral candidates in separate incidents last May 5.

Sr. Supt. Manuel Cornel, provincial police director, said two of the attacks happened in General Natividad and in Gapan City and Aliaga.

In General Natividad, the house of Talabutab Norte Barangay Chair Joel Villanueva was fired upon by motorcycle-riding men at 2:30 A.M.

Villanueva is a known supporter of former three-term Mayor Librado Santos, husband of incumbent Mayor Araceli Santos.

Insp. Froilan Tolentino, town police deputy commander, said the bullets hit the gate of the house, destroying a tarpaulin with a photo of the Santos couple.

One hour after, motorcycle-riding men repeatedly shot the steel gate of the house of Panacsac Barangay Chair Renato Acosta.

Acosta recovered a hand-written note saying, "Itigil ang pagsuporta sa kandidatong corrupt. Pag di tumigil patay."

In Gapan City, the house of businessman Ronaldo Gonzales along Camino Drive, Barangay San Nicolas, was fired upon at 2:00 A.M.

Gonzales was said to be a supported of mayoral candidate Emerson Pascual.

In Aliaga, the house of Fernando Miranda, a vegeable vendor, was shot at by a motorcycle-riding suspect in Sitio Kaingin, Barangay San Juan at 3:23 A.M.

Miranda said he and his wife were asleep when awakened by the successive sounds of gunfire.

No one was hurt in any of the incidents. ###

Grenade explodes at house of Talavera ex-vice mayor's pa

A grenade exploded at the house of the father of former Talavera Vice Mayor Vince de Leon in the early morning of May 7.

No one was hurt but the blast damaged a Honda CRV sedan parked at the garage of the house of businessman Dioscoro de Leon, father of the former vice mayor, in Purok 2, Barangay Marcos.

The incident was reported to the local police four hours later by Louie Cortez, manager of LCC Security Agency.

De Leon's housemaid, Evalyn Corong, 23, of Catarman,Samar and security guard on duty, John Paul Somera, 20 of Dolores, Santo Domingo were in the house when they heard a loud explosion but ignored it.

It was only at 5:30 A.M. when Corong attended to her household chores that she saw that her master's car was hit by a shrapnel.

Recovered from the scene were a fuse assembly, a blasting cap and metal fragments of an MK2 hand grenade. ###

Police break up Gapan 'gathering'

A group allegedly gathering voters in Gapan City last May 8 to bribe them to vote for a certain candidate was broken up by the police.

Sr. Supt. Manuel Cornel, provincial police director, said the gathering might cause an untoward incident at any time so the police were vigilant in protecting the people.

He said the gathering of people in the guise of a meeting but with vote-buying as the real agenda has become a strategy of dirty politicians.

The people gathered at the area fled when the police arrived.

No one was arrested. ###

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