No. 221 /  July 1-15, 2009
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Edno sets eyes on dismantling
Joson political dynasty

First Dist. Rep. Eduardo Nonato Joson said that he is "90 percent certain" that he will not run for reelection so there will be one less Joson official in the province.

Admitting that this will not sit well with his relatives, he said that he is determined to set an example on how a political dynasty and monopoly can be slowly dismantled.

Joson said that political dynasties are tolerable but what is not good is political monopoly.

He vowed to spearhead the passage of bills designed to end political dynasties and give life to the anti-political dynasty provisions of the Constitution.

Joson said that in most of the years under the Joson political dynasty’s administration, Nueva Ecija became better known for political violence.

He challenged political clans in the country to abandon their dynasties by not running in next year’s elections and giving way to others for a chance to govern.

He challenged President Gloria Arroyo and former President Joseph Estrada to lead their respective families in the anti-dynasty campaign.

The Joson dynasty started with Eduardo "Tatang" Joson who became governor in 1959. In a span of many years, two members of Joson family have been elected governor, two as vice governor, and two as congressmen.

In May 2010, a number of Josons are expected to run for different positions in the province under the BALANE party which they founded in 1987.

Former Rep. Josie Manuel-Joson will run as governor with her nephew and incumbent vice governor, Edward, as her running mate.  Her husband Boyet will run for mayor of Quezon town. ###

Ecija officials favor COMELEC control

Though Nueva Ecija officials expressed differing opinions on the inclusion of the province in the list of potential election hot spots in 2010,  they agreed that it is up to Commission on Election to place the province under its control if necessary, to ensure peaceful polls.

Fourth Dist. Rep. Rodolfo Antonino said that the inclusion of the province in the list of hot spots is just a recommendation of the Philippine National Police but if the COMELEC accepts this, then there is nothing that can be done to prevent this as the commission is an independent body.

Former Gov. Tomas N. Joson III blamed the inclusion of the province in the list of hot spots to the series of killings that happened in the two years that Gov. Aurelio Umali has been in power.

Joson cited the killings of a government engineer in 2007, a number of incumbent and former barangay chairs, a former board member, a former vice mayor in Cabiao and a brother of the Pantabangan mayor. He said that these cases have remained unsolved.

Pantabangan Mayor Romeo Borja, for his part, also favors placing the province under COMELEC control. ###

Allies say no to Umali-Umali tandem 

Officials allied with the Umali administration have strongly opposed the plan of Gov. Aurelio Umali to tap his younger brother, Anthony, as his running mate in 2010.

The officials threatened to pull out their support for Umali's re-election bid and leave Lakas-Kampi-CMD if he does not drop the plan.

Second Dist. Rep. Joseph Gilbert Violago said, "We don't want an Umali-Umali ticket because it is against the principles that we championed and espoused during the 2007 campaign.” 

“When we introduced change in 2007, we were one in asking, is it only the Josons who should govern Nueva Ecija? Now if he (Umali) goes for Umali-Umali, bahala na lang siyang mangampanya sa kapatid niya,” he added.

The other officials also opposing the move are Cabanatuan City Mayor Jay Vergara, former San Jose City Mayor Alexander Belena and Jose "Popoy" Taruc, Umali's running mate in the 2007 elections. ###

Umali reacts to Joson's latest tirade

Pawang pamumulitika!"

This was Gov. Aurelio Umali's reaction to the failing grade that he got from Vice Gov. Edward Thomas F. Joson on his second year of running the province.

"Sino ba siya para magbigay ng grado, pareho lang silang halal ng bayan. Siya ba, ano ang nagawa niya -- gipitin ang aking pamamahala. Mahirap sa kanila hanggang ngayon ‘di pa nila matanggap na tinalo sila ni Oyie, landslide!” Umali fumed.

Joson had criticized what he perceived as Umali's shortcomings in various aspects of administration including education, where the governor allegedly distributed substandard school bags, and  agriculture, where he accused the governor of allowing onion smuggling because of the presence of imported onions in his warehouse in Santa Rosa. ###

Ecija ranks 3rd in number of Influenza (A1H1) cases in CL

Though a community outbreak of Influenza A(H1N1) was first declared in Nueva Ecija, the province now ranks only third in the region in the number of cases.

The Department of Health reported that the incidence of the disease in Pampanga rose from 8 to 101 cases in just two weeks.

Bulacan came in second with 35 cases; Nueva Ecija, 30; Bataan, 20; Zambales, 17; and Tarlac, two. Only Aurora remained Influenza A(H1N1) free.

The health department also said that most of the victims are male.

Dr. Rio Magpantay, regional health director, said 96 percent of the victims are recovering from the disease. ###

Cabiao SB secretary sacked

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) Central Luzon regional office dismissed from the service the Sangguniang Bayan secretary of Cabiao for dishonesty, grave misconduct, falsification of official documents and conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service.

The town official, Franco Salvador, Jr. allegedly faked his civil service eligibility in his personal data sheet (PDS), claiming that he passed the career service professional examinations that he took in Quezon City on January 20, 2003, with a rating of 80 percent. The PDS was the basis for his appointment as Sangguniang Bayan secretary.

However, a check with the CSC master list of examination takers and passers could not find the name of Salvador. It was discovered that the examination code on Salvador's PDS with the supposed certificate of eligibility turned out to be different from the codes used by the CSC central office and its branch in the National Capital Region.

The CSC Nueva Ecija field office filed an administrative case against Salvador on January 5, 2005. Though he was asked by the field office to comment on why he should not be administratively charged, he failed to do so until September 24, 2008 when the CSC regional office had already ended its investigation of his case.

The CSC said that Salvador's denials and alibis were negative and self-seving and could ot be given evidentiary weight over the evidence presented against him.

“The act of Salvador making a false statement in one’s PDS renders an employee liable for falsification,” the decision said.

Salvador also stands to lose his retirement benefits and faces perpetual disqualification from government employment and taking any future civil service examination. ###

Homemade land mines  found in Bongabon

Army soldiers recovered six homemade land mines that had been buried in Barangay Digmala, Bongabon.

Brig. Gen. Emmanuel Bautista, commander of the Army's 702nd Infantry Brigade, said that the location of the explosives was identified by a New People's Army rebel who recently surrendered.

The retrieval operations were conducted by an explosive ordnance disposal team aided by bomb-sniffing dogs.

The recovered land mines weighed five to seven kilograms each, powerful enough to blow up large vehicles including military trucks and passenger buses.

Army authorities said that the explosives were so well hidden that they could not be located by land mine detectors.

The rebel surrenderee said that communist terrorists planned to use the land mines against government forces passing through the Pantabangan-Canili-Baler Road. ###

Two bodies of summary killings found

The bodies of a man and a woman were separately found in different places in Nueva Ecija. Investigators believe that the victims were killed elsewhere and their bodies dumped to confuse authorities.

The body of a man was found in the middle of the road in Sitio Embuscado, Barangay Caalibangbangan, Cabanatuan City at about 5:30 AM. The body bore numerous stab wounds, with neck marks showing that the victim had been strangled. The body was clad in a T-shirt marked "RICOMO" in front and "Staff" at the back and brown pants. A tattoo was found on the right forearm.

At about 6:00 AM the same day. Barangay Chair Dionisio Buan of San Felipe, Aliaga reported the discovery of a woman's body with gunshot wound in the head. The victim was about 5'2" in height and wearing a white T-shirt. ###

Ex-Gapan barangay councilman wanted for child rape

A former barangay official in Gapan City is being hunted by authorities for seven incidents of rape and acts of lasciviousness involving girls aged 9 to 13.

Tracker police teams have been sent to trace Lito Perez, a former kagawad of Barangay Santo. Niño.

Police said that based on investigations, Perez was involved in at least seven incidents of rape and molestation. However, only three of the victims filed formal charges against him. The three were confirmed to have been raped based on medical legal examinations.

It was learned that Perez bribed the victims P30 to P100 to have sex with them.  The molestation started last March and went on until this month.

Sr. Insp. Adelina de Guzman, Womens' and Children's Desk officer of the Gapan police, said that the crimes were discovered when a mother overheard the victims talking about the money they received rom Perez every time they were molested. The mother sought the help of the Department of Social Welfare and Development which, in turn, referred her to the city police. ###

9 Santa Rosa market stalls robbed

Nine stalls in the Santo Rosa public market were robbed during the early hours of June 30.

Police arrested two of the three suspects identified by a witness. The third managed to escape.

Those arrested were Joemar Anaceto Buenaventura and Armando Batan Fajardo alias Bornok, both 19 years old and residents of Barangay Cojuangco, Santa Rosa.

SPO2 Junjun Adalem said that the stalls victimized belonged to Nila Hernal of Barangay Lourdes, who lost P25,000 in cash; Prescila Flores of Barangay Rizal; Marivic Cajucom of Barangay San Gregorio, who lost P15,000; Narciso Encarnacion of Barangay Soledad; Leonila Faulo of Barangay Cojuangco; Maribeth Panahon of Barangay Rizal; Rose Belito Diñon of Barangay Rizal; and Analyn Villavicencio and Eugene Mendoza, both of Barangay Tabuating, San Leonardo. ###

Guimba gay arrested for threatening another gay 

A 32 year old gay man was charged with alarm and scandal after he was arrested for chasing another gay man, armed with two forks.

Arrested was Rommel Damo Bautista, a beautician of  Barangay Saranay District, Guimba. Recovered from him were two forks which he used in threatening Roy Rosete alias Rowena with whom he quarreled.

Investigation showed that Bautista and Rosete had a heated argument at about 11:40 PM that led to the two slapping each other. Bautista then took two forks from a nearby congee stand and ran after Rosete, scaring the customers there.

A police patrol that happened to pass by arrested Bautista but Rosete managed to escape. ###

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