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When was the last time you visited Cabanatuan City?
That long ago, huh? Then you've been missing a lot.
The city constantly changes -- by the minute, it would seem.
The Cabanatuan on your mind: is it anything like this?

An airport? No. It's the Cabanatuan City Central Transport Terminal,
about a kilometer away from the city proper. Your  trip begins and ends here.
This is where you'll find all sorts of public transportation --buses, mini-buses, and jeepneys --
bound for, and coming from, places within and outside Nueva Ecija.
The central terminal building juts out of a landscape of green fields
along the city's Circumferential Road, near M.S. Garcia District.

Part of Maharlika Road fronting the National Food Authority Compound.
So clean... so green...

Sunrise over Primavera townhouses, just one of the tens of housing projects
that now dot the Cabanatuan suburbs...

...including the latest, and reportedly the ritziest of them all, Lakewood City,
co-owned by the NE Group of Companies.

Once, the Maria Assumpta Seminary stood by its lonesome self  in this part of  Cabanatuan. Guess who moved in right across the road...

...NE Pacific Mall, a huge shopping/entertainment complex and
one of THREE malls in in the city...

...the others being Megacenter, easily the biggest structure in the city
and reputedly the biggest mall in Northern and Central Luzon...

...and the pioneer of them all, NE Mall.

These are the places where Cabanatuenos now congregate to shop...

...eat, and hang out to see and be seen.

Dr. Jose Rizal's monument which used to be in Plaza Lucero
now stands on a prominent spot  in front of the new Cabanatuan City Hall
in Kapitan Pepe Subdivision.

The Nueva Ecija Provincial Capitol.

An oasis at the center of the city -- the Ninoy Aquino Freedom Park
across Burgos Avenue from the Capitol.

Dr. Paulino J. Garcia Memorial Medical and Research Center,
now a regional hospital.

You were probably born here... or gave birth here.
The city's first private hospital, Nueva Ecija Doctors Hospital,
has added a multi-story facade.

Long-time landmark in Cabanatuan -- the Iglesia ni Cristo Cathedral.

Your choice of where to grab your grub --
a Filipino fastfood outlet...

...a sentimental local favorite...

...or -- looming on the horizon -- an American fastood giant, among others.

The Cabanatuan City Public Market...

... a kaleidoscope of scents...


...and colors.

You probably went to school here it but didn't look anything like this before.
This is Wesleyan University-Philippines (WU-P) now.

The third university in Cabanatuan City after
Wesleyan University-Philippines and Araullo University.
This is the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology (NEUST),
formerly Central Luzon Polytechnic College (CLPC),
formerly Central Luzon School of Arts and Trades (CLSAT)
and formerly...(whew!)

Nueva Ecija High School then...
Nueva Ecija National High School now.

The new College of the Immaculate Conception High School Department
at the back of Maria Assumpta Seminary.

Digital photos by Ramon R. Valmonte