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A delightful discovery during a visit to a fruit stall at the Santa Rosa public market -- fruits have ceased to be limited by season or even geography.  In fact, one can gorge oneself on over a dozen kinds of fresh fruits -- some not necessarily native to Nueva Ecija -- at any one time.

Who says durians are found only in Davao?

Red juicy rambutans.

Take your pick of the oranges: local dalanghita...

... or imported ponkan.

Mangoes, and it isn't even May.

When was the last time you smelled and tasted chicos?

Apples in Christmas colors of red...

...and green.

How can a fruit as sweet as the lanzones have seeds so bitter?

Citrus grand-daddies -- pomelos. Branded, too.

Mangosteens? Ah, so...

Plump grapes as big as one's thumb.

Pineapples in their natural state...

... or ready to eat.

And of course, bananas, standard fare on the Filipino dining table
either as side dish (hard for foreigners to understand why 
Filipinos eat bananas during meals ) or as dessert.

(Burp!) Don't you wish you were here?

Digital photos by Ramon R. Valmonte