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Holy Wednesday is observed with a grand procession.
The cast include:

Saint Peter (owned by the Zabat family);

Saint John (Caro family);

Saint Mary Salome (Mallari family);

Saint Mary Magdalene (Goduco family);

Saint Mary Jacoba (Adorable family,
whose big collection of Holy Week santos has since
been sold to antique collectors and transferred 
elsewhere in the country);

Samaritana (Valdez family);

Last Supper (Ortiz family);

Agony in the Garden (Belardo family);

Jesus Before Pilate;

and Cristo Desmayado (Morales family).

At dusk, the procession begins its trek
through the main streets of the town.

The santos on their glowing carrozas passing through 
the dark streets scream for attention...

and beg for reflection on what Christ's Passion is all about.