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Nueva Ecija = Rice + Onion.  Right? Wrong!

As visitors were delighted to discover at the Likhang Novo Ecijano Trade Fair held from January 13 to 16, 2005 at the atrium of NE Pacific Mall in Cabanatuan City, Novo Ecijano entrepreneurs have started to delve into the production of other innovative products, many of them still agriculture based, but with a markedly more sophisticated, urban, and possibly international market in mind.

Consider the following interesting finds:

Stuffed toys

Ceramic commemorative plates and mugs

Handmade paper products like frames...

... and lampshades

Out with the pumice stone... in with the loofah made from the lowly patola

Beaded Gapan City slippers, for the more traditional and mature buyers

Clay candlestick holders from Peñaranda

Wrought iron decorative products

Bamboo craft

Miniature plant arrangements

Herbal teas

Chocolate goodies

All sorts of native rice cakes...

... in contemporary packaging

Nature's finest: Aromatic pandan rice...

... and unpolished whole kernel rice

Gourmet cottage cheese with herbs in olive oil...

... and Parmesan cheese from carabao milk

Cabanatuan longaniza

Rice crackers

The trade fair was jointly sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry, 
Likhang Novo Ecijano Manufacturers Association and NE Pacific Mall.

Digital photos by Ramon R. Valmonte
January 2005